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Suzhou Lemei Intelligent Complex Technology Limited By Share Ltd

Address: Jiangsu province Kunshan city far light Road No. 233

Contact person: Mr. Yuan

Mobile phone: 18912671922

Tel: 400-188-1290 | 0512-57031188

Fax: 0512-57031488-8010

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Shanghai route:

1) along the Beijing Shanghai Expressway traveling 18.8 kilometers, flower in the grade separation bridge from Lu Jia / export Kunshan Development Zone to leave

2) running 960 meters, Chao Lu Jia /G312/ KunshanDevelopment Zone / Jinyang Road, slightly to the left

3) running 80 meters, North Jinyang road Kunshan Development Zone /, slightly

to the right

4) running 340 meters, straight into the East Avenue

5) along the East Road 3.3 km, turn left at the Datongbridge into the road

5) along the road 4.9 kilometers, in the fan bridge turn right into Shunfan Road

6) along sail south road 240 meters, turn left into the farlight road

7) along the far light road 660 meters, reached the end (on the left side of the road)


Suzhou route:

1) along the Yangtze River Road 1.6 km, turn right into the Qingfeng West Road

2) along Qingfeng West Road 1.7 km, turn left into the Fu Road

3) along the Fu Hua Lu running 570 meters, slightly to the right into the South Qingyang Road

4) along the Qingyang road running 420 meters, turn rightinto the far light road

5) along the far light road 290 meters, reached the end