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The third party payment to seize retail terminal new model to be security considerations:
Posted on2014/4/28 17:56:10

 The third party payment to seize the vending machine market, retail linebattlefield smoke again. Pay treasure recently in the tenth session of Chinainternational vending machine exhibition announced, agreements with 11 vending machine operators, launched "to pay" Alipay electronic trading. Last month, a vending machine Micro message payment technology based on micro also meet with the public. Not only that, flash pay have to prepare for the vending machineretail terminal market enterprises Cara Cara and UnionPay payment line.

At present, the domestic market in the explosive growth of vending machine."Twenty-first Century economic report" report, as of June this year, all kinds ofvending machine terminal near 45000, year increase of 40%. The industry generally believe that, by the end of 2013 the total number of vending machinesor will break through 52000, annual produce amounts paid close to 3000000000.Pay treasure, Micro message, selling the third party payment distributionbusiness lines under the Nuggets vending machine terminal payment be imperative. At the same time, the security risk and the network flow problem or to control the third party payment in long-term development of the vending machine industry.

The third party payment institutions have been preparing for the vendingmachine industry

The third party payment into the vending machine market is no longer news. This year in April, pay treasure on the subway in Beijing ban water "to pay" vending machine. Open mobile phone users "Alipay wallet" software, choose the vending machine products and click on "to pay" option, after confirming the paymentmobile phone close to the vending machine sensor, commodity will spit. After 5 months of training, the vending machine Alipay announced in September the year will cover 50%. In addition, pay treasure and Youbao, meters, and supernatural powers, from the source of 11 accounted for 90% market share in the vending machine operators to reach a comprehensive cooperation agreement news media have reported. Iceberg, easy touch and other upstream vending machine manufacturers from the production link security to pay the loading system, also become the Alipay partners. As a strategic partner, Li Minghao friends treasure president said, under the 12000 vending machines will be in the short term

In order to support payments "to pay" function within the software upgrade.

The third party payment upstart Micro message paid vending machine fieldenclosure. According to media reports, Micro message has been with three or four vending machine operators reached a preliminary cooperation intention.August after the end of the 2013 meeting on Internet, vending machine manYoubao the vending machine Micro message payment technology based on as a promotional highlights.

Not only the third party payment giant to seize the vending machine market,offline payment enterprise lakala also actively spoiler amount. Karaka recently for the community shops launched "a treasure" product. Users can purchase goods in the "built-in online shop shop treasure" completion of the payment, and thenpick up from the community entities shops. Cara Cara pay President Li Guangyu said, in addition to a second tier city, "a treasure" has been paid in the village set up Sichuan Shandong Province rural retail business.

In addition to the above three, has been trying to incorporate UnionPay third party payment also participate the vending machine terminal, and on many occasions to show UnionPay flash vending machine based on the technology offu.

The third party payment power the traditional vending machine industry upgrading

Because of cost, operation, market considerations, the vending machine industry giants join hands in third party payment. At the same time, pay treasure andMicro message, mobile payment will become the driving force behind the giant orupgrade the vending machine industry.

First of all, pay has been one of the bottlenecks in the development of the vending machine industry. Unlike Alipay and Micro message, operators of UnionPay flash pay into the vending machine terminal wait-and-see attitude.Reason lies in, pay treasure and Micro message paid by sonic and two-dimensional code based software, the hardware requirements are not high, low operation cost. The industry is expected, for a new intelligent vending machines,pay treasure "to pay" modified only with acoustic module, expenses for 350 yuan;Micro message converted to pay increase put the two-dimensional code, lower cost; and UnionPay flash pay modification cost more than 1000 yuan. In addition,the cost of traditional paper coins is up to about four thousand yuan, and therecognition rate is not high, not enough to change the defects such as bills.Relatively speaking, to pay and Micro message on behalf of the third party payment, there is no such a problem.

Secondly, the third party payment greatly enhance the efficiency of capital turnover. The traditional vending machine to the enterprise to the bankconfirmation receipts generally in about half a month from the consumershopping, pay treasure to pay to do automatic real-time into account. In addition,Alipay service can also be more B2C business and logistics enterprises into theretail industry, capital flow and information synchronization.

In addition, the third party payment market development and consumer habits orretail welfare. Pay treasure to mature 150000000 quick payment users can directly become automatic vending industry gold master, and Micro message400000000 registered users, potential users. Commodity prices and specifications unified standard vending machine provides convenience forhundreds of millions of users to third party payment.

The third party payment mechanism to solve two problems to occupy the retail terminal market

The vending machine retail terminal market is broad, but the third party paymentswept the field there are two key problems unsolved. One is the payment security problem, another is the traffic problem.

On the one hand, the safety of the third party payment guarantee. The third party payment means the bank card and mobile phone binding. Mobile phone is stolenor lost, bank card money under threat. Even if you can handle the loss, trivialformalities also makes user and step back. In addition, virus and hacker attacksto mobile phone payment also bring huge hidden dangers. The vending machinethird party payment function to line the micro payment convenience alsoaccompanied by risks.

On the other hand, the network traffic is the bottleneck of the development ofthird party payment. Both Micro message two-dimensional code payment or pay treasure to pay all acoustic lifeline to mobile users more expensive than goldflows. Whether the user is willing to pay the cost of third party payment flow is worth discussing in the vending machine. In addition, such as subway and othervending machine is also weaker intensive regional network signal. All of these make the third party payment convenience greatly.


However, the third party payment mechanism seems to be aware of the problem.Sina science and technology news, pay treasure respect to brewing "to pay"products based on off-line payment function. If the third party payment can really achieve off-line, maybe a vending machine mobile payment tipping point.