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Alipay launched version 7.6 purse can be paid in the vending machine is offline:
Posted on2014/4/28 18:06:02

 Sina Finance and economics news on October 16th afternoon message Alipay[micro-blog] today launched version 7.6 Alipay purse, including public service,open platform, a new transfer, to pay new functions, this version will be launchedat the end of 10. The research and development of an offline paymenttechnologies, will be the first for vending machine.

Ali small domestic industry Group CEO Fan Zhiming said, pay treasure to pursestrategy is to do mobile financial open platform, not the subversion who, the goal is to destroy the people the true wallet. "Pay treasure purse innovation absolutebeyond imagination, has just begun......"

Pay treasure to data released today show, currently about 25000 people per minute using wireless payment.

Pay treasure to open new "public service platform"

Can check calls can be registered can buy Coffee

In the trial operation after half month, pay treasure to choose between 7.6 edition wallet released formally launched the "public service". In paid treasure to purse,some users in the use of non payment, no need to download third party applications, only need to add their required public service account, you canenjoy a wide range of services in the mobile phone.

At present, the public service open platform first access CITIC, safe and more than 10 banks, balance inquiries, to provide detailed query, point query service for users; telecommunications, mobile, Unicom three operators have access to the public service platform, the user through the public service selectioninstruction at

Button, use the billing inquiries, change the mobile phone packages and other services. In addition, wheat Coffee, registration network has also entered into the public service platform.

Alipay says, the public service function on the line less than a month, the use of this function has more than 40000000 users.

"To pay" offline payment

In the 7.6 version Alipay wallet, "to pay" feature for the upgrade, support acousticpayment and two-dimensional code paid in two ways of mobile payment. In themobile phone signal is poor or no network, available "sonic offline payment technology".

Ali small micro financial services group China Group CEO Fan Zhiming said, "we are very high to pay expectations, which reflects the true mobile Internet."

At present, there are two kinds of means of payment to pay: one is a soundpayment, payment is two-dimensional code. This solves the payment situationnetwork signal is not good, the pixel is not clear problem in a certain extent. For example, the subway signal often is not good, after 3G networks often can notconnect. And to pay provides offline payment functions, in the absence of 3Gsignal, no WiFi, PayPal wallet can still pay.

Future in the subway, shopping malls, campus vending machines and other equipment, as long as the pay treasure to pay, even if the mobile phone is notconnected to the Internet, also can pay with "to pay" the sound wave in thepayment function. Fan Zhiming said, hoping that the year 50% Metro vending machine support to pay.

Take bank card payment

The new pay treasure to purse also upgraded "sweep" function, in addition toprice, scanning the barcode for commodity scan two-dimensional code for payment, scanning number check logistics, but also provide new "take card"technology.

Click inside the wallet "sweep", the user can identify the "code", "code", "bank card" and mobile phone to save photos. When choosing a bank card, bank cardmobile phone camera can be identified by the issuing bank, the card type,number and other information, credit card and debit card payments, payment,respectively in the binding fast payment service.

The camera can also be used for "I express", express a single bar code scanning, can be found in the logistics information, 90% of the parcel can queryto.

Fan Zhiming said, the first half of next year will launch the pay TV, the future will also be launched NFC payment, fingerprint payment, face payment and other functions. Disclose according to its, pay treasure to had entered the Ministry of Railways for the programme, soon the user to buy train tickets can be used pay treasure.

In addition, the new pay treasure to purse also developed emotional transfer function, can be in the transfer time, send an expression or a voice, the otherreceived the remittance, also can make quick speech.

Fan Zhiming also commented on the PayPal wallet maximum potential competitorsMicro message. He laughed at first, and then said, Micro message is the information exchange tool of financial function to put in?