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M from the source network upgrade, automatic vending industry won the reignition war fighting:
Posted on2014/4/28 18:08:52

 Recently, the vending industry giant M source heavily in a comprehensivenetwork of upgrades to existing sales network, become after Youbao after secondfull realization of networked vending industry leading enterprises. While the upgrade or will indicate M source will carry out comprehensive counterattack, the industry won the battle will rekindle.

Mobile Internet era, caused the great change of the social form, the vendingindustry before in a traditional state semi closed, and mobile Internet will allow the industry gradually moving toward a new era.

The birth of the new intelligent vending vending machine in the traditionalbusiness more open up O2O, advertising, e-commerce, Internet banking and other new battlefield. M source as before industry veteran enterprises has been in the leading position of the trade, but in recent years because of their internalcircumstances, and friends such as treasure under the impact of the Internetbusiness, gradually in the market there have been some disjointed.

The resource spending huge sums to upgrade an existing system, indicating that the market for mobile Internet tide meter source under the impact of a moreprofound understanding of, in addition to play the original advantages and high-quality service experience advantage, more began gradually to the layout of the future market. But it will also enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the whole rice source market greatly, make the M source have the opportunity at a greater width and depth of the battlefield, more power and Internet pioneerYoubao competition.

According to industry analysts judge, at the completion of the upgrade, M sourcein addition to the original business, will inject more resources in O2O, advertising,e-commerce, and Internet finance new battlefield. Future M source may obtain more external capital and Internet giant concern, or have the opportunity to win the industry old position.