"Alipay "automatic vending industry rebalancing strategy started, Suzhou Lemei cooperation on line soon
Posted on2014/4/28 18:39:02

 2-28, the network news, pay treasure to follow-up with East China famousautomatic vending industry enterprises in Suzhou one intelligent complexcooperation. Suzhou Lemei subordinates expected thousands of vending machine will fully support pay treasure the wallet and buy products.

According to one source said, in addition to the new one payment and pay treasure to carry out cooperation, but also with pay treasure in marketing is to carry out the depth of cooperation, activities include 1 cents for drinks, pay treasure to drink 10 percent off purchase.

In this regard, industry analysis personnel says, the pay cooperation with Suzhoubeauty, there may be paid treasure to start strategic rebalancing in the industry.The follow-up is expected to pay treasure will cooperate with more automatic vending industry enterprises, in addition to balance Micro message and micro-blog pay in the industry's influence, pay treasure to the cooperation intention orhas the industry of large enterprises.