Salome "net", or in the near future and China automatic vending industry network formally to carry out strategic cooperation
Posted on2014/4/28 18:44:28

The network March 13th news, famous enterprises "China automatic vending industry Suzhou beauty" or the recent and Chinese automatic vending industrynetwork signed and formally carry out relevant cooperation, the cooperation between the two sides negotiation is now close to finishing stage. Suzhou LemeiChairman Mr. Li Yuesheng said "integrated service platform Chinese automatic vending industry network as the automatic vending industry's most influential, willto a considerable role in promoting the development of the industry on the future.One will also get help, and will use the platform to further realize the brand moldand spread."

For this cooperation, industry analysts say, the "net" Salome Salome thattraditional vending companies began to transition and pay more attention to the enterprise brand construction and new media marketing services. The expected future Salome "net" enterprise or will work with a platform to launch more new business.