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The vending machine and the Chinese Market
Posted on2014/4/28 18:53:19

 In Asia the vending machine exhibition of 2002, global transaction payment technology leader vice president of global market USA MEI Weist said, Shanghai is Chinese Asia one of the most developed city, development potential immeasurable vending industry.

The people living in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities are concerned, is no stranger to vending machines. In 1999, it began to enter theChinese market. Now, at the airport, subway, shopping malls, parks and other places large passenger flow, it is not difficult to find the vending machine figure.Customers as long as the insert 5 yuan, 10 yuan banknotes or coins, you can easily buy such as beverages, chewing gum and other small things. As an avant-garde retail, vending machines have been like chasing the fashionable young people welcome.

But for three years, known as the "vending machine super" business never workhas not been popular in China. At present, the vending machine Chinese has about 20000 units, compared with 1300000000 of the population in the country,this number is not worth mentioning. In Japan, the average every 25 people havea vending machine, American per 50-60 people a, Europe is each person a50120.

China vending industry development is relatively slow, the reason is many sided.Among them, the biggest obstacle is China consumer vending machine reliability,ease in doubt. In addition, the vending machines sell goods is relatively simple,the price is generally higher than the supermarkets, convenience stores and similar products, the machine can only receive coins and small notes, also affects the choice of consumers.

According to the world's largest vending machine operators -- Japanesebeverage company before the moon's senior executive vice president,achievements, as the world's largest auto sales market, Japan has 4230000 vending machines, vending machines selling goods by as many as 6000 kinds,including drinks, cigarettes, magazines, medicines and even jeans and other equipment. Only last year, sales of drinks the equivalent of 159300000000 yuan.

The vending industry in Japan is so developed? MEI Marketing Manager Asia Pacific, Ogawa Hirota explained, Japan's labor cost is very high, people's workingtime is not fixed, the vending machine making day and night service, covers an area of small, flexible and convenient favored.

It is understood, in Shanghai, the vending machines sell goods in general than the supermarket, convenience store your. But in the America, the vendingindustry has a very developed country, vending machines selling price is floating,with the machine at the peripheral position, the relevant business environment. InAmerican, vending machine main competitor is convenience stores, convenience stores and vending machines are often sell cheap goods to win.

In fact, the technical barriers to the vending machine is not high. See the core components of huge vending machine is a small coin or note device in the exhibition, a coin can accommodate 5 dime 320 pieces and 1 pieces of more than 280 pieces of coins. Note device, the high-precision optical instruments can identify the authenticity of currency level and note the thickness, size, made of different materials. The author notes, notes the general device can only receive 5 yuan, 10 yuan or 20 yuan. Why can not receive higher denomination notes? WeiStewart explained, this is an application problem, because the vending machineChinese market to sell some of the major beverage, food. But in the airport,playgrounds and other places, the system not only can receive large amounts of paper money, can also receive dollars, euros and other international currency.

Nankai University professor Han Dechang pointed out that the market marketingsystem, automatic vending machine has advantages of high technical content,way to sell new, great market potential, commodity genuine goods at a fair price,determines its broad development prospects. Moreover, it is connected with theelectronic shopping and new consumption patterns, and it can create enormous business opportunities. See in Tianjin Nankai Limited by Share Ltd exhibitionstand, with a number display mobile phone vending machine on the customer,can through the mobile phone payment way to buy things, the end customer onlymobile phone bill payment.

Experts predict, the next few years China market vending machine will increase 5 to 100000 units per year. Relatively affluent coastal areas China, will has a population of about 350000000 people often use the vending machine.