Vending Machine
Brief introduction of the development Chinese vending
Posted on2014/4/28 18:55:51

 In 1993, the second-hand vending machines in Japan, South Korea, Americabegan to enter the Chinese, can only identify RMB coins.

In 1995, Coca-Cola, Pepsi began small cloth using a coin vending cold drink machine.

In 1997, Nankai developed "intelligent recognition system of RMB GD".

In 1998, Nankai successfully developed "GD vending machine".

In 1998, Canada Kehui company began selling, placing Vendo importedmachines in Guangzhou.

In 1998 October, the formation of the "Tianjin Nankai Gede micro ultra trade limited company" (later renamed the "Tianjin gold mobile commerce Co. Ltd."),become the first domestic scale vending machine unit, and is listed on the 1999backdoor Tianjin lida.

2000~2001, AUCMA have entered the vending machine industry.

In 2003 October, Fuji Dalian Bingshan vending machine limited company, is the first large-scale manufacturing and sales China vending machine of the Sino Japanese joint venture.

According to incomplete statistics, to 2010, the vending machine a total of about60000, an average of 20000 people a total turnover of 1000000000 yuan.

Global auto sales revenue of more than $200000000000, about 1270000000000 yuan. The territory of Chinese vending annual turnover of about 1000000000 yuan, insufficient global vending 1/1000 of the total, and Chinese population,economy and the development speed is extremely disproportionate. Automatic vending industry usher in a phase of rapid development in Chinese will.