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The history of the development of automatic vending machine
Posted on2014/4/28 14:57:05

In 1888, The Gum Vending machine was born

In 1937, The first Coca-Cola bottled beverage vending machine was born

In 1946, The first coin Coffee vending machine was born

In 1985, Bank credit card can be used in automatic vending machine

In 1993, The introduction of remote monitoring system of automatic vending machine

Since twentieth Century 80 years, began to spread rapidly in the developed countries, field sales increase, the popularity of the world nearly 50 countries,especially in America and Japan.

In 2008, USA 7000000 vending machines, with an average of 43 people have avending machine; turnover of 44000000000 dollars (about 280000000000 yuan),the per capita consumption in a vending machine for about $145 (about 920 yuan). Japan is the world's most developed auto sales market, the existing near6000000 vending machine, an average of 23 people have 1, the annual turnover of 7 trillion yen (about 590000000000 yuan), annual per capita in vending machines on the consumption amount of 55000 yen (about 4600 yuan).